Although we affirm the three Reformed marks of a true church, we do not believe these marks constitute all a faithful church needs. Indeed, a church should be marked by so much more (e.g., prayer, fellowship, and generosity). So in order to foster unity, clarity, and cooperation, Sojourn Houston churches share the following core values:



Throughout the New Testament, we see the people of God interpreting the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) as a call to plant churches. And we believe planting churches is still the most effective and sustainable way to make and teach and grow disciples today. Our hope is to join in God’s historic and redemptive movement to see the gospel of Jesus made non-ignorable in Houston by saturating the landscape of our city with neighborhood parishes and gospel-centered churches. In addition, each Sojourn Houston church is engaged in mutual partnerships with churches internationally. Through these partnerships, we hope to mobilize men and women to engage in long-term church planting ministry overseas.



Our God is a just and merciful God, and we get the joy of manifesting His character for the sake of those in need. The gospel of Jesus Christ reveals that God has acted graciously, generously, and sacrificially on behalf of His people, the spiritually poor and helpless. Therefore, Sojourn churches are passionate about connecting church volunteers and resources with organizations serving the poor and marginalized. Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel; we desire to partner with and strengthen existing affiliate organizations.  


Scripture describes the Church as the household of God (Galatians 6:10Ephesians 2:19). We are His children, His family. So it’s our joy and honor to demonstrate redeemed family to a world of broken families. We believe healthy spiritual and biological families are the bedrock of a healthy society. Thus, we intend to provide Sojourn Houston churches with premarital, marital, and family counseling; foster and adoption support and services; and well-trained, well-resourced neighborhood parishes, which function as the spiritual families within which biological families grow and thrive.


Houston’s economy and diversity make it a modern day crossroads. Houston is home to the nations, which means Houston is a gateway to the nations. The global economy, within which Houston is a hub, provides an effective means through which the gospel message can spread. This requires a reorientation of discipleship for life in the workplace. We believe God’s gospel purposes can be brought to bear on every aspect of our existence, especially our work. Thus, we hope to equip the Church to work faithfully within all professional and industry spheres.  


God did not create in black and white but in a beautiful array of color. In the resurrection of Jesus, He validated the importance of the material world. And in the new heavens and new earth, the creative nature of God will find its full expression. Through this lens, Christian history has a beautiful tradition of seeing our imagination redeemed as men and women reflect God’s creativity through the arts. We want to see the Church reach into and redeem the arts in Houston as a tangible foreshadow of the creative beauty of the new heavens and new earth. We want for our spaces to be used to advance and support the arts, for the good and beauty of our neighborhoods and the continued progress of Houston’s diverse culture.