Sojourn Spring Branch is one local church within Sojourn Houston, which is a family of neighborhood churches seeking to share Jesus with our neighbors for the glory of God and the good of our city. Sojourn Houston churches are marked by shared beliefs, a shared mission and vision, shared values and a shared philosophy of ministry.



At Sojourn, pastors oversee the doctrine, discipline, and direction of the church. These men may or may not be paid by the church, but they share the responsibility of shepherding our church with wisdom and integrity (Ephesians 4:1-16, 1 Peter 5).

We are committed to providing Sojourn's essential operations with a humility that reflects the character and nature of our God. The following staff member serves in his positions in a full-time capacity (thanks to the support of External Financial Partners and Sojourn Spring Branch Members' giving):



Tony has been married to Ruthie for eight years. They have two children, Eden Glory and Amos Kaleo. He graduate with a Pastoral Ministries Bachelor’s degree from College of Biblical Studies in 2015.

After living a version of the Christian life from his childhood and youth, Tony had an encounter with the God of all grace and discovered the doctrines of grace in his early twenties. In 2010, Tony planted and led a bilingual church in the Spring Branch area. After being a church planting resident in 2015 with the Houston Church Planting Network (HCPN), he was trained to plant a new church in Spring Branch.

Believing in the mission God has called him in the neighborhood where he grew up, Tony is trusting God to establish Sojourn in the westside of Houston as he serves in the role of pastor.



Chae has been married to Suemy for twelve years. They have two daughters, Selah Grace and Shiloh Eden. With an undergraduate from UT, he completed his Master of Arts of Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary in 2012.

Chae is an immigrant from South Korea and was raised in a nominal Roman Catholic household. During his freshman year of college, he discovered God and began his spiritual journey of becoming a Christian. In 2009, his desire to serve God led him to a ministry position at a local church where he served for eight years as the Children’s and College Pastor. He believes that the Lord has led and gifted him specifically for this task of planting a Gospel-centered church.

Since God is telling an incredible story of redemption in history and we are participants in His story, uniting with Sojourn is the call that God has given Chae and his family during this season of life as he serves in the role of pastoral resident.



We believe the Church is marked primarily by submission to the Scriptures. The Bible is the pure Word of God, the only absolute authority for Christians, and all things within the church are governed/managed accordingly. As a broadly Reformed family of churches, we affirm three marks of a true church:  (1) the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word, (2) the faithful administration of the Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord's Supper), and (3) the faithful exercise of church discipline. These marks, in addition to the Sojourn Houston values, characterize each and every Sojourn congregation. 

The Sojourn Houston Confession of Faith receives the Nicene Creed, the Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement, and the 5 doctrinal distinctives of the Acts 29 Network. Although we do not require our members to agree on every point, the confession below forms the theological identity of Sojourn Spring Branch.